What I Use

Listed below are the programs and services I use to run my online businesses.  Let me know what you think or if you have had good or bad experiences with these or other providers.


  • SITEGROUND – One of the essential tools that you need to run your own website is a hosting service.  I have used Go Daddy, Bluehost, HostGator, and a couple other ones but none of them touch SiteGround. Not only has their service been very easy to use and always kept up to date, but their customer service has been second to none.
    • #1 rated host in 18 Facebook polls
    • First host to release PHP 7.3 on October, 24, 2018
    • Fastest speed of any other provider
    • Support is fast and super knowledgable about WordPress
    • Ongoing security updates prevents hacked websites
    • Free Cloudflare + Let’s Encrypt SSL in their cPanel
    • They will migrate you for free with their GrowBig plan and up

What I Use 1

These days, Google has added page speed as one of the top ranking factors so you cannot afford to mess around with a slow hosting provider.Web Hosting



  • KEYSEARCH – This little known keyword tool has been a real gem for me.  It has so many features for the price, it’s hard to believe




  • HIRE WRITERS – Another service I’ve used to quickly hire freelance authors.  You are able to select quality level or hire authors directly to make sure you get the content you want.  Very reasonable and affordable.
  • FIVERR – Is great for a lot of services.  Just be sure too use people that are Level 2 and/or have a lot of high reviews.




  • GET RESPONSE – I think this is the best email autoresponder because it comes with a few more features than the other providers like some work flows and growth tools.  They stand out just enough to get my business.



  • AFFILIORAMA – If you just want to dive right into a proven affiliate marketing program that works, I would check out Affilorama.  It worked for me and almost 800,000 other users.  Their system works or there wouldn’t be 800,000 people using it!




  • WP APPRENTICE – The courses here worked great for me.  There are lot of ways to learn WordPress, including just watching YouTube.  However, I prefer the structure of high-end paid courses like the ones at WP APPRENTICE.







  • FIVERR – Again, another service offered by hundreds of Fiverr freelancers.  You can get just about anything done there for very reasonable costs.  I rarely have issues on Fiverr and I have ordered close to 100 gigs to date!


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