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Viral Traffic Builder Review: Is It All It’s Cracked Up to Be?


Hello! Thanks for taking a look at my 100% objective Viral Traffic Builder review. This is Joe Sturtevant, and I’m thrilled to be able to assist you in making a quality decision for your business and your life.

My job here is basically to rip apart this new software by Abhi Dwivedi with you. I thought it looked rather helpful when I first saw it, so I grabbed my own personal copy, ran through it with a fine-tooth comb, and I’ve acquired a fairly well-formed opinion here for having done so.

As you surely know, next to no system or software is without its flaws. I found that Viral Traffic Builder has both its pros and cons. These will be revealed to you shortly.

Just know, if you should happen to go ahead and pick up Viral Traffic Builder by going here right now, you’ll get your hands on my awesome bonuses, which I built in an effort to combat the cons.

Sound good? I hope so! 😉

Let’s proceed…

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Viral Traffic Builder Overview: What’s It All About?


This is a cloud-based software that should operate for you no matter what operating system you use.

This technology was specifically created for the purpose of posting viral content. It’s supposed to work by pulling popular content from viral websites.

Does this sound like something that can benefit your business?

If you’re not quite grasping what I’m saying (explaining software with written text can be difficult), then you’re free to get a visual representation by watching the demo video on the official product page. That will clear things right up for you. 🙂

But first, I’ll go ahead and share a few of my impressions with you. I mean, I promised you an objective Viral Traffic Builder review, and I intend to deliver just that. Let’s get to it…

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Viral Traffic Builder: How Does It Work?


Like I confessed, I’ve only just given this software a test drive. So in the spirit of transparency, I’ve still not used it to full benefit. With that said, on the offer page, Abhi reveals that Gary Alach is able to generate around 120 new followers in a mere week. Not too shabby.

So is it user friendly? Honestly, I would say that it gets a firm 10 out of 10 rating. I was able to get the full grasp of it within 15 minutes. It should be pretty easy for you.

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Are There Any Training Tutorials?


Yes, there are plenty. And I think they do a pretty good job of clarifying the process. Along with my custom bonuses, these tutorials should really help you to make the most out of the the Viral Traffic Builder software software.

In just a moment, my bonuses will be revealed. Let’s first discuss the price of this offer, along with all the free bonus products that Abhi is including, and any and all upgrades that happen to be for sale at the moment. Then, we will be proceeding into the perceived good and bad points… and then finally, you’ll get to see what my bonuses are and how they can help you.

Moving along…

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How Much Will You Pay to Get Viral Traffic Builder Today?


When this review’s being written, Viral Traffic Builder is available for just $27.

The price will only go up from here, though. So if it’s still available at this low cost, now may be the time to act on this one. Picking it up at a higher price may still be a good idea. But the fact remains, if it’s still going at the selling price mentioned above, it may benefit you to take action on this as soon as possible!



Is Abhi Dwivedi Offering Any Bonuses?


Yes, there are a few nice-looking bonuses mentioned on the sales page. That said, this is only the case as I’m writing this. For this reason, I’m gonna avoid going detail-crazy, seeing how you can just go to the product page for a current representation.

What you’re REALLY wanting to know about, after all, is MY bonus offer! 😉

We’re just about to get into that, actually. Before we do, however…



Let’s Talk About Upgrades:


Yes, upgrades are available. In fact, this offer comes with 5. These include:

  1. PRO for $67
  2. AmzNeos at $47
  3. LocalLeadsNeos at $27
  4. VidCuratorFX2 at $47
  5. Done-For-You at $197

These seem to possess a “value-added” characteristic, which is to say that they’re designed to enhance your results while using the front-end product. But make no mistake, Viral Traffic Builder should still work just fine without them.

To be clear, the front-end product OUGHT to help you succeed as-is. So… DOES it?



Viral Traffic Builder… Will Viral Traffic Builder Honestly Work?


Let’s just get right to it. Can you really expect Viral Traffic Builder to help you build a bigger income… and do so with far less effort involved? As annoying as this answer always is, I’ve simply gotta say… it depends on you. I can say that the proof on the sales page does seem convincing.


Viral Traffic Builder- Positives:


  • Proven way to increase followers
  • Very easy to use software
  • Money back guarantee


Viral Traffic Builder Cons:




Viral Traffic Builder Review is on Medium.

In my opinion, these bad points really aren’t deal breakers at all. But just to be safe, I’d like to treat you to a few of my exclusive bonuses for picking up Viral Traffic Builder through my link today. Here’s what I’m giving you…


Do realize, I want for you to make your dreams come true using Viral Traffic Builder! I’ve designed this bonus offer for that very reason. I do make an effort to never offer any any “$25,000 value bonus package” nonsense, as this would only insult your intelligence and not really help you.

These high-ticket, “too-good-to-be-true” types of bonuses are generally comprised of old and outdated private label rights garbage. These are generally not truly designed to get you closer to your goal of actually making money online. My bonuses, however, are.

So if Viral Traffic Builder sounds like something that you can use in your own online money-making endeavors, then I encourage you to purchase it through my link right now. Make a note, this deal ends soon, so you really need to act fast.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten lots of value from this unbiased Viral Traffic Builder review. I sincerely want to help you to make the best decision for you.

Hordes of marketers invest in marketing software, only to let the stuff rot away on their computers. Very few people take a piece of software and use the software to a profitable conclusion. I hope you’ll be one of the rare folks who does.

Purchase Viral Traffic Builder through this link without delay and enjoy the bonuses I’ve prepared for you. It’s a fantastic decision you’re making today. 🙂

Thanks again for stopping by!

– Joe Sturtevant



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