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Leads Profiter Review: Does It Really Live Up to the Hype?

Hey there! Thank you for taking a look at my 100% neutral review of Leads Profiter. My name is Joe Sturtevant, and I’m genuinely excited for the opportunity to serve you. I’ll be breaking down Yogesh Agarwal’s new software program in an effort to give you the full story. I very recently acquired it myself, went through it with a fine-toothed comb, and I’ll be so bold as to say that I’ve cultivated a pretty well-formed opinion. As everyone knows, just about all software programs have a flaw or two. I found that Leads Profiter has its bad points, along with its good. Those will be covered momentarily. Just know, should you happen to go ahead and snag Leads Profiter by going here before the offer expires, you’ll get your hands on my awesome bonuses, which have been created so that you can get the most out of Leads Profiter. Does that work for you? Fantastic! 😉 Back to it…


Leads Profiter Review: What Exactly Is It?


This is a Cloud-Based Software that grabs email addresses from Facebook users and feeds them into an autoresponder that sends them your offers or to your websites. Yogesh specifically designed this software to assist you in building your list from Facebook traffic. It works by connecting a Facebook app to an email collecting and autoresponder system so you can tap into the 2 BILLION Facebook users to easily grow your list and sales. I have not seen anything like this before. This really seems like something that can help internet marketers quite a bit. If this seems a bit vague or difficult to grasp (written text doesn’t always convey the most accurate picture of what a piece of software actually does), then you’re invited to visit the official product page and watch the demo video. That will clear things right up for you. 🙂 But before you go to the official site, let me just let you know how I feel about the software. For what it’s worth, you came here for an impartial review of Leads Profiter, and that’s what I intend to give you. Here we go…


Leads Profiter: How Good Is It Really?


Like I already admitted, I’ve only just test-driven this software. For this reason, I have yet to use it to maximum benefit. But according to Yogesh, Victory Akpos managed to generate approximately $1,000 in only 24 hours. That’s pretty exciting! When it comes to user-friendliness, I would say that it gets a respectable a rating of 9 OUT OF 10 rating. 30 minutes was all it took for me to have a pretty firm grasp of how to use it. It’s really quite simple.


What About Tutorials? Are Any Included?


Sure enough. They’re pretty good, too. I have no doubt that they, along with my custom bonuses (listed at the bottom of this page), will help you to get very nice results using the Leads Profiter Software. We’ll talk about my bonuses in just a moment. Let’s first discuss the price of this offer, along with any free bonuses available to you, and any n’ all upgrades that are up for grabs at the moment. Afterward, we’re gonna be moving into good, the bad, and the ugly… and finally, you’ll get to see what my bonuses are and how they can help you. I hope this sounds good. If so, let’s continue…


Leads Profiter Price:


When this review’s being written, Leads Profiter is available for just $37 investment. The price will only go up from here, though. I would assert that if it can still be purchased at or near this price, you may wanna grab it now. It’s likely that this is the lowest price it will ever be. Even still, it may be worth it at a higher price, if you’re reading this when the price has, in fact, gone up. Naturally, should you still be able to get it for the reasonable special price we just discussed, I think it’d probably be a mistake for you not to get this right now!


Is Yogesh Agarwal Offering Any Bonuses?


You can get your hands on a few nice-looking bonuses at this particular moment. But like I’ve said, I can only speak about the situation as of this writing. For this reason, I’ll avoid going hog wild with details, as you can simply go to the Leads Profiter offer page and look around for the current bonuses. MY bonuses, after all, are what you’re REALLY wanting to know about! 😉 We’ll get to that very soon, I promise (they are listed at the bottom of this page). But let’s proceed with the rest of our Leads Profiter review first…


Leads Profiter Upgrades – Are There Any?


Yes, there are 5 OTO’s.



These are “value-added” upsells, in that the front-end product should work even better for you when you add these to the mix. Know that they’re likely not required for your success, though. The truth is, Mr. Agarwal’s main product is SUPPOSED to work well straight out of the gate. I would suggest getting OTO 1 because you will be able to monetize your leads every month.


Leads Profiter… Does It Actually Do What It Says?


Straight to the point. Is Leads Profiter gonna help you make more money… and do so with far less effort involved? In all reality… it really depends on you. When you look at Yogesh Agarwal’s results, it does seem to lend itself to the software’s efficacy.


Leads Profiter- Positives:


  • Taps into Facebook’s massive audience
  • Automates the process of getting emails directly from FB users
  • Clean and easy to manage dashboard
  • Can make unlimited campaigns in any niche


Leads Profiter – The Negatives:


    • You have to build a Facebook App

    • These negatives really aren’t all that bad. But even with that being the case, I’d like to treat you to a few of my exclusive bonuses for picking up Leads Profiter through my link today. Here’s what you get…


OUR Leads Profiter BONUSES:


      • Let me be clear, I truly want for you to make your dreams come true using Leads Profiter! That’s what led me to create this bonus package. I would never try to insult your intelligence by offering you some bogus “$25,000 value” bonus package on a piece of software that sells for only $37. These are the types of bonuses that often contains a bunch of ineffective, rehashed private label rights (PLR) foolishness. More often than not, these aren’t really intended to help you make more money online. My awesome bonuses, however, are. 🙂 As far as incredibly useful marketing software goes, Leads Profiter sure does seem to be a true winner. As such, you may want to order it

    via my link today. I remind you, this deal ends soon, so don’t wait around.

    • My hope is that you’ve received some benefit from this review. It’s my aim to be a friend who’s helping you to make a great decision. A lot of marketing wannabes buy money-making software and Softwares, but never actually use the stuff. Very few people take a piece of software and use the software to make themselves some money. I’d really like to see you be an exception to the rule. Grab Leads Profiter TODAY!  This can be life-changing. 🙂 Go get ’em! – Joe Sturtevant





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