January 2019 Income Report

So here it is, my DECEMBER My IM Journey Income Report:

  • Amazon:  $15.95
  • JV Zoo:  $689.22
  • Warrior Plus:  $160.15
  • Clickbank:  $142.27
  • Others:  $44.50

TOTAL= $1,052.09

I am up to $1,000 per month now on My IM Journey!  I am trying to diversify but affiliate marketing on JV Zoo and Warrior Plus keeps bringing in the most income.  I am also exploring product development and social media marketing.  I am also getting closer to launching my email marketing campaigns.  Should continue to get interesting!

If you like video products and doing them yourself, VideoRobot is pretty fun.  I have been playing around with YouTube ranking and I have been editing videos using a couple different programs.  While Camtasia is pretty amazing, it comes with a price tag!  I just picked up Create By Vidello and love it!

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