I Made My First $1,000!

Well, I did it! I am happy to announce that I was able to make my first $1,000 with this blog this month (November). I started this blog in July so it took me 5 months to reach this milestone.

I would have to say that the first few months were pretty rocky. I was definitely fumbling around a bit and not focused enough on finding an effective method.

Then, through some trial and error, I found a very effective way to do new product reviews that produced some good results. I just rinsed and repeated this method until I had a solid run of sales.

My best day came on November 24th, 2019:

I Made My First $1,000! 1

That day I went over $1,000 in net earnings since I started My IM Journey.

Most of my sales came from promoting JVZoo products followed by Warrior+ and Clickbank. It was not easy so I am working on simplifying my process so I can set up a way to scale it up. Stay tuned…

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