Create By Vidello Bonuses Comparison

I am working on this because affiliates are still loading up their reviews…stay tuned!  Here is what I have reviewed so far:

Tru Review gives a written and video review for Create.  Wade Allan is the man behind the scenes and he sounds like a good guy.  The only issue I found with Wade’s promotion was he says he has 52+ bonuses when I can only find 46.  Now 46 bonuses are a LOT, and he made them very relevant to Create so they should be a nice compliment.  Maybe the 52+ was a typo 🙂

Social Lead Freak has a pretty nicely structured review post but it’s full of spelling and grammatical errors.  The Create review is said to be written by someone named Kenvin and his contact is a Gmail address.  What is Kenvin hiding?

Anyways, Social Lead Freak is offering the following bonus packages to choose from:

Create By Vidello Bonuses Comparison 1

I like the options but Kenvin hypes these all up as being worth $750,000.  Really?

Tika Review put together a nice looking review post but, like Kenvin, it’s full of spelling and grammatical errors.  The writer of this review is a person named John Petter and his picture looks to show a serious young man.  But it doesn’t seem to me that English is John’s first language given how the Create review reads.  Maybe he outsourced it, I do not know.

In regards to bonuses, John has stacked them up!  I counted over 120, in fact.  Most of them look good, I’d have to say.  But something doesn’t seem right about this site and this John guy.  If bonuses are all you care about then Tika Review could be a good call to purchase from.

Glenn Review has a nicely done blog post review and video review of Create.  The post states that Glenn is the reviewer and he does put himself in his review video, which is a nice thing to do!  English is not Glenn’s first language but he is very clear and articulate.

Glenn also offers a huge list of bonuses.  So many I wasn’t quite sure if they were relevant to Create.  I am sure many are but it’s nice when promoters put in customized bonuses to align with the product being promoted.

More to come…



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