ChatterPal Review and Bonuses


ChatterPal is a new “artificial intelligence” backed smart chat automation technology that can instantly double conversions, sales and leads. It’s an easy way to boost conversions, sales, and lead signups on your websites and blogs.

A new “futuristic” technology called ChatterPal is being released soon by my friend Paul Ponna. It merges 3D Animation & Smart Chat Automation to deliver mind blowing results unlike any other app in the market. Get More Conversions In 4 Simple Steps:

Step1: Grab and Keep Your Visitors’Attention.

Step 2: Interact With Them and Get Their Questions Answered.

Step 3: Guide Them Into Your Sales Funnel or Store Checkout Page icon.

Step 4: Done – Just Rinse and Repeat.

ChatterPal combines industry leading features like Unlimited smart chat  automation, talking 3D avatars, text-to-speech, one-click translation and a whole lot more to instantly skyrocket your leads, sales and profits using artificial intelligence! People who have seen this technology in action are calling it a “game-changer”, “pattern interrupt”, “revolutionary”, “groundbreaking” technology.


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The creator of this groundbreaking app is hosting a special Training Event where he will be revealing this New technology to the world. To celebrate the launch he is also giving away 20 free-copies of ChatterPal, Six $100 Prizes, and bonuses worth thousands.

There is more.You also get to join a secret facebook group where you can interact with like-minded entrepreneurs and learn from their success. $3000 in additional prizes will be given away in this FB group alone. So the chances of you winning are super high.

Everyone is raving about this amazing New technology that leverages the power of “artificial intelligence” to boost conversions, sales and leads on any website faster than ever before.

Today you have a chance to WIN a “free copy” of this never-seen-before software and a lot more. Check out the page for a Early sneak-peek of this amazing New technology before the rest of the world. Don’t miss out on all the prizes and bonuses worth thousands.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee No Question Asked!

You’ve got nothing to lose. Try It Today And You’ll Also Get The Bonuses Shown Below!

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Nothing On the Market Can Touch ChatterPal – At Any Price. Sure, you could easily spend $1500 per year or more for an AI-chatbot subscriptio. And you Still won’t get the dynamic 3D Avatar animation, interactive voice/language capabilities, and all the other incredible features that you get with ChatterPal for a low one-time price. Or you could invest tens of thousands of dollars to develop an app like ChatterPal in-house (like Fortune 500 companies do) and Still not have all the features and capabilities that you’ll get with ChatterPal. There’s just no comparison. Period.

Easy To Use



  • Super-easy to use With our ultra-intuitive interface and pre-written chat flow templates, you’ll have your first 3D avatar chat agent up and running on your site within minutes.
  • Easy to set up Simply paste in a snippet of code on your website, or use our live-link technology to instantly add ChatterPal to Any site you want. Boom. Done.
  • Set up an agent for every department Have one chat agent handle sales, while another handles support issues, and so on. ChatterPal can handle virtually any on-site job you need.
  • Cutting edge technology Utilizing the latest innovations in AI, 3D animation, text-to-speech, and instant translation. No other app on the market comes close – at any price.
  • Maximum global reach Targeting specific markets or languages? ChatterPal lets you interact with visitors and customers in Any language with just one click.
  • Higher interaction and lower bounce rate guaranteed. Chatterpal improves interaction with visitors. That means more engagement and sales.
  • Works seamlessly on any device Access your ChatterPal secure dashboard via any web browser. It’s hosted on Google’s cloud no software installation or downloads required.
  • One-Click Logo Mapping Now you can brand your 3D avatar chat agents with your company brand or logo. It also moves and flexes with the avatar’s movements, for a more life-like effect than ever.
  • Onboard Instant Language Translation Your can translate any chat flow into any language with just a click. Perfect for setting up custom-tailored chat agents for individual countries/languages.
  • Next-Generation Text-To-Speech Technology Now supporting over 55 life-like voices in 25 languages. This is the same cutting-edge voice technology that powers Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
  • Smart Analytics Engine By utilizing the power of AI, you can get real-time feedback on what’s working and not working. The system will automatically adjust the chat flows to improve results as you go. You also get in-depth analytics on conversions, geo-location, engagement time and more.
  • Revolutionary Live-Link Technology Place a ChatterPal agent on ANY website (even the ones you don’t own), and use that content to get leads and even affiliate sales. A great way to get leads, subscribers and revenue, even if you don’t have a website of your own. Great way to demo your chat service to your clients on their website before you make the sale.
  • 43 Life-Like 3D-Animated Avatar Characters Incredibly realistic (male and female) and even animal avatars that you can use interact with your visitors with Text-to-speech or any voiceover. 3D avatars like these can easily cost thousands of dollars to create.
  • Pre-made Chat Flow Templates And Easy Customization.
  • Personalized 3D Chat Agent. You can set up a fully-personalized chat agent that’s just right for you and your brand. Your 3D-avatar or human chat agent will always be available to provide real-time conversation and support with your visitors.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee No Question Asked!

You’ve got nothing to lose. Try It Today And You’ll Also Get The Bonuses Shown Below!

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  • Run an e-commerce store. Use ChatterPal avatar to engage with visitors and ask sales-oriented questions.
  • Help guide them to what they’re looking for on your store, and then through the buying process to complete the sale.
  • If your customers stop during the checkout process for any reason, your chat agent can instantly check in to see if they have any questions or need more information, etc. – reducing cart abandonments.
  • You can also offer personalized instant discounts to potential buyers to get them “off the fence” to complete a valuable sale, and so much more And of course, you can easily build a subscriber list from visitors who are just browsing your store, so you can get them back later via email.
  • you can use ChatterPal to invite visitors to make a reservation, order for delivery/takeout or even book a large party.
  • The possibilities are simply endless. small business – support. Affiliate or social media marketer.
  • With our Live-link technology, you can use ChatterPal to showcase cool content on other websites for your benefit.
  • Get more conversions faster, so you can increase sales and revenue – with less advertising/retargeting expense.
  • Use ChatterPal to interact with your sales page visitors. Ask questions, then guide your casual visitors through the process of completing the purchase.
  • You can also offer them an incentive to get them on your list. So you can follow-up later with emails to close the sale and/or promote other related offers.
  • You get a commercial license, you can offer ChatterPal as a premium service to your business clients for a recurring monthly fee.
  • Use ChatterPal to offer cool discounts, promote timely specials, offer bonuses, and more to your visitors and customers.
  • Use ChatterPal to automatically take appointments via your website saving you and your staff work and time on the phone.
  • A cool collection of elements and attention-grabbing emoticons to use in your chat flows: Utilize fun emojis stir emotions and grab attention.
  • Convert Any Green Screen Video Into An Interactive Human Chat Agent: Import Any “green screen” or human spokesperson video and instantly turn it into an interactive ChatterPal with transparent background in minutes.
  • Unlimited cloud hosting: Deploy unlimited ChatterPals on Google’s rock-solid cloud network that is ready to serve Unlimited traffic and deliver sales faster than ever before. There are zero compromises.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee No Question Asked!

You’ve got nothing to lose. Try It Today And You’ll Also Get The Bonuses Shown Below!

ChatterPal Review and Bonuses 2


  • Does ChatterPal work On Mobile Phones? Yes. ChatterPal works on all computers, smart phones and smart devices (IOS and Android). This means the chat agents will improve your bottom line with little or no effort on your part.
  • You Say “Unlimited Usage” What’s The Catch? There is no catch. You can use ChatterPal to create as many chat agents as you want, as often as you want, for any number of sites. Commercial License is included, so you care create chat agents for clients. No limits.Can I Use ChatterPal.
  • If I Don’t Have A Website? Using ChatterPal live-link technology you can add ChatterPal to Any website including the ones you don’t own. You can promote affiliate offers and add it to any website in seconds to leverage their content and profit.
  • What Makes ChatterPal Better Than Other Apps? ChatterPal comes loaded with industry leading features that are not available in any other app. This includes smart chat automation, interactive 3D avatars, award winning text-to-speech, one-click translation, logo mapping and a whole lot more. You get all this for a jaw dropping low one-time price that comes with Commercial License & Unlimited site license.
  • Is Step-By-Step Training Included? Yes – ChatterPal comes with step-by-step video training walking you through the entire process right from creating your ChatterPals to getting results. (yes, this also includes how to sell your ChatterPals for top dollar.




ChatterPal Bonus


30 Day Money Back Guarantee No Question Asked!

You’ve got nothing to lose. Try It Today And You’ll Also Get The Bonuses Shown Below!

ChatterPal Review and Bonuses 2


ChatterPal Bonuses:  OVER 100 BONUSES!!!!!!

When you make your purchase through my link, just email me your proof of purchase with my affiliate ID on it and tell me which Bonus Package you would like.  I will email you it straight away!

Snapishop bonusSnapishop bonuses


When you make your purchase through my link, just email me your proof of purchase with my affiliate ID on it and tell me which Bonus Package you would like.  I will email you it straight away!

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Additional Extra Bonuses

Bonus #1  FB Traffic Engine (Drive FB Likes, Shares & Traffic)

FB traffic engine gives you the ability to lock any page on your website and make it visible only if the visitor clicks the Like button.

This Increases your facebook page fans, URL likes and Shares & Drive more Social traffic to your website.

You can apply the content locker on all your pages, or only some selected pages, you can also create unlimited number of content lockers which are all independent on each page.

More social engagement = more traffic!


Bonus #2  FB Photo Contest (Generate Leads Using Photo Contest)

Contest and Promotions are the best way to generate more leads and engage your fans.This photo contest will help you capture user’s real Facebook email as we get Facebook Permissions before users can vote or enter into contest. You can export the leads as CSV and use any email marketing software to promote your business / stay connected.


Bonus #3 Instashop (Turns your Instagram into a store)

Instashop will let let you turn your instagram account into a shoppable store, you will be able to sell to your customers directly inside of instagram when they are most engaged… In 3 simple steps you will be able to use instashop to quickly sell any of your offers!

STEP 1: Install instashop plugin to your website

STEP 2: Authenticate instashop with instagram

STEP 3: Configure some settings and start selling


Bonus #4 FB Response Box (Auto Manage Facebook Comments)

This allows you to hide/delete comment to prevent stealing your customer who commented on your post plus it can also delete unwanted comment from your Facebook page post. It also contains the feature to auto comment reply with image/gif/video to make comment reply more attractive!

If you are use facebook for any sort of promotion or marketing then you need this tool…

Do you know how much customer of yours are being stolen by your competitors

Yes your competitor always looking on your page and actively they are sending private message who commenting on your page. Hide comments after giving reply that nobody can see the comment and prevent stealing your customers.


Bonus #5  Instagram Bio Linker (Manage Multiple Bio Links)

This is a problem solver for Instagram’s linking problem. Have you ever wanted to manage multiple links through your instagram account and you found out you can only put one unique link in your bio? If so, then this is the solution for you and your users.

This lets you create a great website where you register and add as many links as you want and only paste your custom profile’s url in your instagram’s bio and never change it again.


Bonus #6 Soci Monitor Machine (Instantly Find Your Unhappy Customers on Social Media & Respond)

This is a powerful simple to use tool that lets you store your brand name, so you can find the most recent tweets and Facebook posts that mentions your brand or products. Use it on your site or include the code in a WordPress plugin for your clients.

This a cool way to save common searches and browse any social mentions on Facebook or Twitter directly in one dashboard. Get a list of your brand mentions across the two most popular platforms, so you can manage your social media reputation easier. This script uses Twitter and Facebook’s official API, so there is no threat of having it blocked from platform security and spam changes.

How Can Soci Monitor Monitor Machine Help You?

When customers aren’t happy with your product or customer service, the first thing they do is go online and complain. Part of online reputation management is finding these unhappy customers and responding to complaints. It’s important to respond professionally and offer support. Other potential customers see your response and become more confident in your brand. Even with angry complaints, you can come out on top and draw more customers to your brand. It can also give people reading the conversation more confidence in your customer support and brand.

Social Monitor is a simple dashboard that lets you quickly check the latest tweets and Facebook posts so you can manage your reputation easier.


Bonus #7 Delgram (Boost Your Marketing Effectiveness on Instagram)   


Using social media is a fun and sure way to get new friends, customers and fans. Getting your Instagram profile out there for everyone to see is a hard and tedious task and time is very precious for all of us and promoting yourself on Instagram is a time-consuming everyday activity.

Simply use this instagram tool to help automate your daily activity and get you the crowd you deserve and desire.


Bonus #8  FB Photo Box

Using the Facebook Photo Box gives you a quick and easy way to share your Facebook Page photo album on your website home page. The carousel it displays is fully responsive and the number of images to be displayed can be easily changed on smaller or larger screen sizes. The Facebook Carousel module is such an easy to use and fully documented plugin.


Bonus #9 FB Live Voter

Ranking in the form of online voting by using the reaction are an excellent way to diversify your fanpage and engage fans. Facebook Live Reactions Vote” available to all customers tool Facebook Post Live Reactions, by means of which an easy way to create your own post from the vote, which in real time will be counted clicks on various emotes reaction.


Bonus #10 Traffic Hover (Monetize Any Image Shared on Social Media)

This combines all of the web’s most popular social services into one easy to use software plugin. Traffic Hover allows you to quickly and easily add hover-over social buttons to your images on-the-fly making them instantly “shareable” on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Even better, the hover effects are silky smooth, cross browser, and come with multiple overlay images! More Shares = More Traffic = More $$$$