5 Minute Lead Machine Review

5 Minute Lead Machine Review

Read my 5 Minute Lead Machine Review to see how you can start
making affiliate sales this week!


In my 5 Minute Lead Machine review I will be explaining what is included in the new course by Delilah Taylor. 5 Minute Lead Machine is a method you can implement very quickly and you’ll learn the exact posts to make on Facebook to attract buyers to you.

Delilah is very much teaching her expertise in 5 Minute Lead Machine. She regularly makes instant sales and grows leads using Facebook. She is also passionate about teaching other marketers how to do what she does!

5 Minute Lead Machine Review

5 Minute Lead Machine Review


Facebook is a platform that is particularly well set up for marketers. There are over 1 billion active users, and it is easy to target the types of people you want to market to.

It is also very simple to connect with people through the messenger function. Many businesses are expanding rapidly right now on Facebook!

5 Minute Lead Machine consists of four video modules which are concise and step-by-step. You can literally be set up in five minutes making your first post and getting into income the same day. I believe that any affiliate marketer would do very well with this method.

5 Minute Lead Machine Review

5 Minute Lead Machine Review


5 Minute Lead Machine will also show you how to set up a list, without any need for a website or squeeze page. This makes this course particularly newbie-friendly, and there are also some good tips for advanced marketers to pick up!

I have a good amount of experience building a business on Facebook and have been interested in this niche for some time now. Based on what I know, I can see how Delilah’s method is effective. 5 Minute Lead Machine contains accurate guidelines to point you in the right direction on this platform and get you into cashflow in the quickest way possible.

5 Minute Lead Machine Review

This course backs up everything that is shared with case studies. It is an amazing deal for $7!

One thing that I do wish this course taught more about is how to build your audience. There could also be more information on other types of posts to make to build rapport with your audience on Facebook. Lucky for you, I have included some awesome bonuses below to help you with this!

You also have the option to get additional training on these topics in the OTO’s.

5 Minute Lead Machine Review

5 Minute Lead Machine Review


My final 5 Minute Lead Machine review is that this is an excellent way to generate instant income while also building a list for long term profits. You will learn the basics of producing simple posts to attract buyer interest.

I love that the 5 Minute Lead Machine method has worked for the course creator on her Facebook page and groups for a number of years now. This is something that has worked and will continue to work.

I also like that Delilah is a very genuine and approachable person. You can tell that she sincerely wants to help, and she is very skilled at making herself clear and easy to understand. Her experience shines through in this course as she generously shares her expertise.

5 Minute Lead Machine Upsells OTO’s

OTO 1 of 5 Minute Lead Machine is Social Sellebrity! This OTO will help you grow your audience by borrowing the audience of Social Media Super Stars in any niche. You will become a social media influencer in less than 30 days following the method taught, and this translates into sales!


OTO 2 of 5 Minute Lead Machine is 5K Fans in 48 Hours! This OTO will show you how to generate 5000 raving fans in 48 hours by following an over the shoulder case study that was recorded during a live 3 day workshop. You’ll receive 5 proven ways to flip fans into buyers.

5 Minute Lead Machine Bonus




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