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Welcome To My Journey

This site is going to track my journey with internet marketing. As I write this on July 5, 2018, I have a general plan but don't know where this will go. No matter what, I will try to share what I experience - good or bad. You are welcome to follow along!

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You May Be Wondering

My name is Joe Sturtevant and I have been dabbling in internet marketing off and on over the last year. I know enough to give different make money online programs a good try. I have been scammed by crappy products/programs so I will share what I have learned.

Because I am new enough to internet marketing that I can relate to beginners but experienced enough that I can relate to those struggling to make money online. My website is not for established internet marketers because I am not a salesman – I am brutally honest in my reviews. Hopefully, I can save my followers money by avoiding scammy products and programs out there on the web.

You will get an honest description of my journey with many make money online strategies and programs/products. I will share everything – when I make money and when I lose money.

While I will be making recommendations of strategies, products, and programs with affiliate links, it will only be for ones that worked for me and those I trust. There are 100’s of product reviewers you can follow that will give glowing reviews with 5 stars on every product/program they review to get you to buy from them. I won’t be doing that – I will be skeptical and brutally honest so I can help you make better decisions about what to invest your money into.

Absolutely. However, it is not easy and anyone that tells you it’s easy is just trying to get your money. I have made money online but some of the ways I have done it were not worth the time I invested. I will be trying to uncover the best ways to make money with the least investment of money AND time.

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